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All students in grades 5 and 6 participate in general music. Students in grades 7 and 8 only participate in general music if they are not enrolled in a performing ensemble. In general music, students are encouraged to sing, move, play, create, and connect to music from cultures throughout the world and learn to appreciate the importance of music in our lives. We work on intermediate musical concepts such as keeping and moving to steady beat, playing independently and as part of a group, intermediate music literacy, creating and playing a variety of instruments. Students are also introduced to social instruments like the ukulele, keyboard and African drums.

All 5-8 students have the opportunity to sing and perform in the chorus, as well as play an instrument in the band or orchestra. Beginners are always welcome even if they have never studied an instrument or been in chorus before!

All music activities are adapted to suit the needs of different grade levels and students' abilities, and all students are respected and encouraged to do their best and develop their innate musical skills. The music room is a safe place where students learn important life skills such as: taking turns, sharing, working as part of a group, perseverance, listening and being a good role model.

Music Teachers


Terry Bacon
Band 5 & Lessons 5-8

Brett Chipman
Band 6 & Lessons 5-8 

Sandy Machuga
Chorus/General Music 5/6


Stephanie Bezon
Band 8 & Lessons 7/8

David Ciarvella
Band 7 & Lessons 5-8

Andrea Ryan
Orchestra & Lessons 5/6


Elise Camp
General Music/Chorus 7/8

Jessica Knopp
General Music 5-8

Chelsea Wahl
Orchestra & Lessons 7/8