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Art provides students with the opportunity to learn, explore and create.  It allows for creative expression and requires problem-solving and critical thinking. It builds self-confidences, helps students appreciate differences in others and gives them an understanding of the world around them through an artistic lens.

Middle School Art Skills

Goals for our MS students...

  • Deepen their understanding of color families and relationships
  • Refine their fine motor coordination
  • Draw and understanding proportion
  • Create in a variety of mediums and with a variety of materials
  • Explore and connect to the community and world through art making and exploration

MS Art Teachers


Kim Leupold
General Art, 7/8
Studio Art, 8


Gretchen Foehner
General Art, 5/6
Research, 5/6


Laura Thomsen
Studio Art, 8


Headshot for Richard Cravatta

Rich Cravatta
General Art, 7/8
Studio Art, 8